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And, increasingly, this is how many people kick off the holiday season on what is becoming a strange “holiday” in its own right, “Black Friday.” Which started on Thanksgiving this year in many locations. But that’s not my bag. And if you found your way here, you’re either here because it’s not your bag, either – or because you’re lost, looking for the entrance of the Mall.


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Happy <strike>Christmas!</strike> Holidays!

The list below probably isn’t exhaustive even as far as the U.S. is concerned; if I had included Christmas-related place names from other lands, the list would have been much longer than this. I also have excluded names like “Snowflake, Arizona,” which don’t seem to be specifically Christmas-related. And some will doubtless quibble with a few of the names I’ve selected, nevertheless.

Place names such as the following bring an interesting question to mind: Supposing that those who seek to replace the ubiquitous and time-honored greeting of “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” should triumph in their cause, will there be a call for Christmas Cove, Maine to change its name to “Holiday Cove?” And what about Santa Claus, Indiana & Georgia?

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Advent, West Virginia
Bethlehem: Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas
Carol City: Florida
Christmas: Florida, Michigan
Christmas Bay: Texas
Christmas Cove: Maine
Christmas Mountain: Alaska, Idaho
Christmas Valley: California (Tahoe), Oregon
Eggnog: Utah
Eggnog Branch: Texas
Epiphany: South Dakota
Holly: Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia
Joseph City: Arizona
Mistletoe: Kentucky
Navidad: Texas
Nazareth: Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas
Noel: Missouri, Virginia
North Pole: Alaska, New York
Partridge: Kansas, Kentucky
Rudolph: Ohio, Wisconsin
Saint Mary’s City: Maryland
Santa Claus: Georgia, Indiana
Silver Bell: Arizona
Star City: West Virginia
Wreath Hill: Wyoming

If you know of verifiable Christmas-related place names not on this list, leave us a comment with your info!

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