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December 18, 1915, City Times, Galveston, Texas

The Christmas season brings to mind the many Christmas days gone by, with their four great features—turkey, cranberry sauce, plum pudding and mince pie.

It was a good old English custom, not to be rejected by the American colonists, although modificatlons were necessary to suit the religion and conditions of living in the colonies, the. Chrlst-splrlt being substituted for the pagan Yuletlde, the famous “boar’s, head” was omitted, and the Christmas pie became known as-mince pie. However, many old observances were kept, including the mistletoe and holly, and Christmas was a day for family gatherings, with a feast prepared by the” women of the house.



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Note how Saint Nick in the leading illustration has something of a rustic “gnomish” quality, as compared to later, red-suited incarnations of the fat man.


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Merry Christmas!

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A Max and Dave Fleischer cartoon, in which “Grampy” (a Betty Boop character) saves Christmas for a group of orphans.

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Season’s Greetings


Sing hey! Sing hey!
For Christmas Day;
Twine mistletoe and holly,
For friendship glows
In winter snows,
And so let’s all be jolly.

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This 18-minute video employs portions from The Beatles fan club recordings, set to video.  Edited and produced by Matthew Hawes of  “The Happy Show!”

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