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The Christmas Calendar covers events in both the Whatcom County area and throughout Western Washington, with occasional listings from lower mainland British Columbia. Calendar listings will increase with time as information on events becomes available, so check back often.

I will be happy to list your holiday event, or events which you have heard about, on the calendar if you send all the pertinent details in an e-mail to simplyxmas09@gmail.com.

The calendar may be accessed in the right sidebar.


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Over the next couple of months visitors to Simplify Christmas (yes, visits have remained consistently high, even through the spring and summer months of 2008) will notice some fairly dramatic changes in the organization and appearance of the site as I prepare for the official start-up date of November 1st. The first big change is this new theme – which will be modified as needed before the official start-up. Update: 09/27/2208: I’ve decided to stick with last year’s theme – better features, overall.

Do not be alarmed by the changes – Christmas 2007 is past, and Simplify Xmas 2008 is going to be even bigger and better than last year!

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There’s an old quip that mens’ ties get wider and louder when economic times are hard. I haven’t paid enough attention to the widths of ties to offer any sort of educated opinion on that, outside of the fact that thin ties were the norm during the post-WWII prosperity of the 1950s, and they were obnoxiously wide and colorful in the energy crisis of the 70s.

What does this have to do with New Year’s parties, you might ask? Well, I was just wondering if New Year’s parties are more swanky (ostentatious) and spendy (larcenous) this year than in years with less “economic stress.” Because there are some doozies in the Emerald City, this year…

So, without much more ado, here are the top five New Year’s parties for 2007-08, according to clubzone.com. Me, I’d never dream of paying the $350 V.I.P. admission just to drive the porcelain bus in the executive bathroom of Paul Allen’s “Blue Lounge” at the Experience Music Project. Or even the $59 to do same in the public john. But that’s just me, and I’m just a country boy at heart.

indulge1.) “Indulgence” 6th annual New Year’s Eve party @ Experience Music Project, 325 5TH AVE N, Seattle

In the room the women come and go, talking of Michelangelo2.) Aion Costume Ball, an Iosis Art Party and Body Systems Dark, Capitol Hill Arts Center Upper Level, 1621 12th Ave, Seattle WA.

Forward!3.)“Forward 2008,” See Sound Lounge 115 Blanchard, Seattle WA

Onwards and Upwards in the New Year!4.) New Year’s Nation, Glo@Ibiza, 528 2nd Avenue, Seattle WA

Captain Kiiiiirk…let’s partyyyyyyyy…..5.) BLOG PICKScience Friction, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Seattle WA, 4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle WA

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  • When: Now through Dec. 31st
  • What: Many, many different entertainments of the season.
  • Cost: All events are free.

Visit the website.

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Map of Vancouver Island

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See: http://www.findfamilyfun.com/eventthismonth.htm

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

So, the weatherman says there’s a chance of snow this weekend. I think he might be right, judging by that chilly North wind that’s blowing right now. Mother Nature couldn’t have picked a better weekend, considering all the “Christmas Kickoff” events going on this week. Check the Christmas Calendar.

Or if staying home and getting cozy with a movie is more your speed, well, do that then.

Whatever the case, be safe. Here are some tips for driving in the snow .

And here’s Jamie Cullen with a jazzy performance of “Let it Snow.” And just a little cough there, at one point – must have had a cold.

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